Shut your Pie hole! Joe's common sense diet tips E-booklet

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January 2024...  This booklet is for people who:
- want to maintain their weight or lose weight
- want practical and specific tips on what has worked for the author and others
- dislike diet gurus and all the BS the diet industry puts out there
- don't want a coach or a team or to be held "accountable" by some stranger
- don't want to be "up sold" on a diet plan or a food plan that costs more money
- wants a quick read, with some good food/diet tips and then be left the alone! hahaha--------------------------------------
This booklet is dedicated to BUTTER…. You have inspired me to take action.

Dear Butter:  I will always love you…. I’m just not IN love anymore.  You’ll always have a place in my life…. A very measured and portion-controlled place.  I’ll never forget doing shots with you of you…. That low point (or was it a high point) inspired me to change…..

Over 50 tips in this easy to read booklet.  A short 15 minute read that will confirm some things you already thought about diets but weren't sure, some tips you can implement immediately and some techniques that have worked exceptionally well for the author.   There's not a lot of "fluff" in this short 8 page, 4590 word booklet, it's right to the point, common sense tips.  No life changing diet plan, no long winded diet theories, no confusing psycho-babble BS about your "relationship" with food.  

This is a digital download, e-booklet.  You'll get the full pdf version NOW and then you can have the final, professionally edited and formatted version if I ever pay to get that done.  Buy it now while it’s cheap and while it’s FRESH in your mind.   Order now and you'll get an email with a link to download the booklet in a PDF file that is readable on any device that handles pdf files, which is most phones, tablets and computers.   It's appx 8 pages long, 4590 words.   Share this page with your friends so they can buy their own copy….. they’ll appreciate it more if they pay for it instead of pirating it, and I’ll appreciate the extra book sales too.

Thanks for reading.

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Customer Reviews

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Joe M
I followed my own tips and lost 6 lbs of Holiday overeating in just 3 weeks

After over eating during the Christmas holidays, I followed my own tips and advice and lost 6 pounds in about 3 weeks.

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